PVC Strip Door Flap Curtains

Pvc strip curtains are used in areas where traffic through a doorway creates energy loss, encourages external matter to enter, or causes time-consuming operation of doors. Our PVC strip curtains are a series of transparent, flexible, vinyl strips permanently placed in doorways to create a barrier. PVC strip doors permit unrestricted movement between areas while aiding in efficient passage, climate control, and noise reduction. They also act as a deterrent for entry of unwanted elements such as dirt, dust, insects, birds, and fumes.

Once installed, very little maintenance is required and the electricity savings will pay for them many times over. Many different types and grades of pvc strip curtains are available to suit every application. Transparent strip curtain material is a clear, vinyl material available in strip widths of 8″, 12″ and 16″. These strip curtains has outstanding clarity and stabilizers added to the raw vinyl compound that helps reduce fading and yellowing due to ultra violet light.

From the smallest cool room opening to the largest industrial warehouse facility, Vibha Systems PVC Strip Curtains provide a low cost solution for hygiene energy, and environmental control. Vibha Systems stocks a wide range of flexible PVC Strip Curtains. Bulk stocks are warehoused and available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, grades and colors ready for immediate dispatch


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