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PVC Strip Curtains Chennai
PVC Strip Curtains Chennai


PVC Strip Curtains and Doors
Make your facility safer, quieter, and more energy efficient by protecting your entryways with VIBHA PVC strip curtains!
As a leading provider of loading dock Strip Curtains and Industrial Curtain solutions, Vibha Systems strives to provide customers with the most complete and
innovative range of Aftermarket items on the market. In keeping with this aim, we are pleased to inform you that PVC strip curtains have now been
added to our Aftermarket offerings.
Benefits of using PVC Strip Curtains:
• Can be installed in minutes
• Conserve conditioned air, even in high-activity areas
• Reduce heating and refrigeration costs
• Reduce noise levels
• Easy to clean and maintain
Why use PVC Strip Curtains:
• Energy savings and temperature control
• Safety and visibility
• Noise, dust and pollution control
• Economical and practical
• Noise, dust and pollution control
• Prevention of birds, insects and rodents
• Cold chain: food processing and manufacturing, storage, logistics and distribution
• Food service: walk-in coolers and freezers, refrigerated display units and service entrances
• Refrigeration: walk-in coolers and freezers, refrigerated warehouses and refrigerated display units
• Supermarket / retail: walk-in coolers and freezers, refrigerated display units and rear loading doors and service entrance
• Warehouse / industrial: loading dock doors, interior doors and service entrance
• Welding applications: designed to filter the ultra-violet radiation coming from the welding process

Vibha Systems pvc strip curtains are an economical answer to various barrier problems including shops, factories, warehouses, food processing plants, meat works, cool rooms and freezer rooms, etc.

PVC strip curtains

are an outstanding and easy to install product for retaining cold or heat and separating rooms without restricting access. Our PVC Strip Curtains are used for various purposes across a wide range of industries. PVC Strip Curtains solutions are the most cost-effective solutions to protect your employees & goods from difficult environmental conditions such as heat, cold, noise, dust, humidity, insects and draughts where uninterrupted passage is essential.

Industry we serve:

Warehouses & Logistics
Food Processing Units
Pharmaceutical Industries
Manufacturing Plants
Hotels & Kitchen Area
Cold Storage
Retail Shops

Colors: Clear transparent, yellow, red, milky white, black, green, blue and gray

Size: 200mm*2mm, 300mm*3mm, 200mm*3mm, 300mm*3mm

PVC Strip Curtains - VIBHA SSTEMS

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Clear PVC Strip Curtains, door strips, shopfront strip doors and strip curtains offer excellent protection against environmental nuisances, in a wide range of applications:

  • Unwanted airborne pests / Temperature variation
  • Birds and dust / Segregate one area from another
pvc strip curtains chennai

Vibha Systems supplying Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains across India. 

Cold Storage Strip Curtains Chennai

Softer, more flexible, transparent smooth PVC designed to resist cracking and breaking in freezer applications to -25 °F. Made from compounds that meet federal and international requirements for incidental contact with food, meat, poultry and dairy products.

Welding Strip Curtains Chennai

Our Welding Strips are designed to protect workers from harmful exposure caused by UV flash and welding sparks. All Vibha Welding products are designed  to protects employees against eye damage and the risk of flame spread while meeting international standards for welding screens.

Anti Static PVC Strip Curtains Chennai

Designed for static-sensitive or high-dust applications. Ideal for data centers, server rooms, clean rooms and electronics manufacturing facilities. For use in indoor or outdoor
applications in environments from -10° F to 150° F.


 High Durable ribbed strips reduces scratching from loads passing through opening. Designed for heavy-duty, high-traffic applications in environments from -10° F to 150° F, and made from compounds that meet federal requirements for use in food facilities.


Opaque Coloured is offering a wide range of different colours (when the transparency is not required) in addition to all the existing flexible vinyl qualities (durability, flexibility, and strong resistance to impact).

Opaque Coloured is mainly recommended for swing and strip doors, partitions, membrane, tunneling, building insulation, conveyor openings, wagon, trucks and dumper protection, flooring, etc