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Industrial Curtains Chennai

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Industrial Curtains are horizontal sliding curtains of plastic foil for the rapid enclosure of industrial spaces or creation of a workplace. The hanging rail construction, with corners or points where required, makes it very easy to open and close the curtains. When opened they take up relatively little space. VIBHA Industrial Curtains ensure costly spaces are optimised. Moreover, the curtains improve working conditions by holding back cold, draughts, moisture, dust, noise, birds and insects. They are often used as hygienic partitions.

VIBHA Industrial Curtains are used for screening off industrial areas and workshops or as partitions for use in large internal and external doors or wall openings. They prevent the spread of dust, spray, damp and smoke. The steel ribs fitted vertically in the curtain material mean they are insensitive to air flows, from extractor units or ventilators, for example. Combined with wind braces and tensioning systems, the curtains can withstand wind pressure. Designs VIBHA Industrial Curtains are made of transparent plastic foil fitted with steel ribs or tensioning structures to make them windproof. The curtain sides are fixed to the wall with a attachable trailing edge. They slide through rails with bends or points. Special edges seal the spaces between the industrial curtains and the rails. A bottom guide rail is  not necessary. However, the industrial curtains are fitted with velcrofastened flaps that prevent the curtain from damage caused by being run over. There are many options for different VIBHA Industrial Curtains. Depending  on the application, there is a choice of different tarpaulin materials, for example light-transmitting or rather shading, filled with gauze, antistatic or antibacterial foil, temperature or sound insulating, fire-retardant, fireproof or as welding curtains. Options even include combinations of versions or preferred house colours, with lettering if required.

The curtain door is a unique concept that combines a flexible curtain  with a sliding door. The industrial curtain has a so-called multi-point closure on its sealing edge that can be opened and closed with a normal door handle. The outswinging claws on the multi-point closure make the curtain windproof. A contact in the door jamb provides ideal protection against machines. The door is also available with a lock and, if required, a vandal-proof cloth or gauze. For special situations without room to slide or where overhead cranes are used, one or more swinging booms can be used.


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