AC Control Curtains

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AC Control Curtains is a ideal barrier against noise and air pollution, these are also an extremely effective method of controlling ambient temperatures between areas. We are enlisted as the reliable supplier and dealers of ac control pvc strip curtains for small home or big industrial unit.

AC Control Curtains, AC Block Curtains and Screens

Ac control curtains will make a difference to your heating, air conditioning or refrigeration costs. Strip Curtains save energy by, for example, retaining heated air in a building or retaining chilled air in a cold store. When installed behind an external door, the savings are even greater due to the double glazed effect when the door is closed. PVC Strip Curtains can also be used to protect against dust, fumes, spray, pests, and noise.

PVC Strip Curtains Benefits:

• Energy saving strip curtain
• Effective temperature control
• Excellent barrier against noise and air pollution
• Ideal for pest control
• Pedestrian or light vehicle use
• Clear PVC strips with a 50% overlap
• Coloured warning strips also available
• Face fixed or under lintel fixed
• Easy to install
• Suitable for temperatures from -10c – +38c
• Buy in multiples to cover the area required

Plastic PVC Strip Curtains Applications:

Installing clear pvc strip curtains can save facilities money by costing less than permanent installations, and they take much less time to install, meaning less disruption of business operations.

Strip curtains hold up in harsh conditions, avoiding wear and tear through long periods of use. You can use them for a wide variety of applications, including:

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